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Screenshots von NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
  • NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
Beschreibung von NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D (von Google Play)

💎 NoxLucky 💎 is a fun and cool app for making the home and lock screen of your Android mobile devices, which enables you to personalize your screen with different filters and set videos from TikTok & Instagram as live wallpapers. In addition, you're able to try the Caller Show feature to turn the boring receiving call experience into a pleasant thing. And you can choose nine of your favorite images to make them change automatically on the screen every few hours in the Playlist. Through this powerful background changer, you can make your favorite HD & 3D images as wallpapers for free, search and explore various categories. NoxLucky supports most of the smartphone brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, etc. Find your perfect wallpaper for your phone with its high-definition backgrounds to make your phone wow to others.

🌌 Download Various Categories of Free HD Images
NoxLucky provides more than millions of wallpaper resources, and you can get various types of wallpapers from it with Animes, Games, Nature, Animals, Sports, Human, etc. It supports high-quality background images with resolution 1920x1080 or higher 4K, QHD, and UHD wallpaper. You can set the images as your phone’s home screen or lock screen for free.

🌈 Get Live Wallpapers to Animate Your Phone
NoxLucky provides tons of exclusive high-quality live wallpaper for free to make your phone looks alive and interesting. Here are frequent updates of screen-savers in NoxLucky and it will provide you the hottest themes every day. With NoxLucky you can keep up with the latest wallpaper fashion to make sure your screen stays stunning and out-of-the-ordinary.

🔍 Find Any Wallpapers Fast through Search
NoxLucky can help you find any background by tags, keywords, colors, and categories. The user-friendly search association function enables you to find the desired result with key letters. What's more, you can also see what other people are searching under the search bar.

💃 Set TikTok & Instagram Videos as Wallpaper
Be it your home-made recordings, funny pets, star videos, animation clips, or wonderful sports moments from TikTok & Instagram, NoxLucky helps you set them as live wallpaper for your home and lock screen with a few clicks. What’s more, you can also design your wallpaper by importing videos from the phone gallery, which will surely make you stand out.

🌵 Customize Your Phone with Various Filters
With NoxLucky, you can personalize your screen with different special effects filters like Gamma, WhiteImage, HDR and change wallpaper colors with color filters to make your wallpaper become the unique one. Besides, you can also save the wallpaper you have created to the Personalized categories to share it with friends, download it and set it as background.

🎼 Move Your Call Screen by Awesome Caller Show
Caller Show is a trendy feature that makes you get rid of the boring incoming phone call screen and create a new model of phone calls. You can find the amazing videos by quick search and set them as the caller show with just one click. It will play a cool video when someone calls you. We guarantee that you will be happier to receive phone calls.

Change Wallpapers Automatically on Scheduled Time
Do you want to keep your home screen and lock screen fresh automatically? Try the playlist feature! You can choose 9 favorite wallpapers and set the time interval, then the rotating images will display on the screen at a regular time. This feature must get you surprised and in good moods. And you will enjoy a visual feast every day.

📱 Support Mainstream Android Phone Brands
Users can preview wallpaper before navigating the devices’ home screen. And most of the phone can be supported by NoxLucky. It is optimized for using any launchers of the following manufacturers: Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, OPPO, Sony, LG, HTC, ASUS, Meizu, and others.

Versionsverlauf NoxLucky - HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 3D
Neu bei NoxLucky 2.1.2
1. Added new feature of creating personalized 4D wallpapers
2. Supported to publish your own 4D wallpapers with a single tap
Neu bei NoxLucky 2.0.4
1. Added live section to provide you more videos for setting as live wallpapers and caller shows.
2. Created a new login system to protect your data.
3. Updated the user interface to bring you a new experience of using App.
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